Disclaimer Page

Let me help you understand the nature of the disclaimer page and the limitations of this blog. My hope is that we can share information and thought without anyone thinking that we have a doctor-patient relationship. My hope is to provide the information in a readable format.

Disclaimer 1

  • Please understand that this blog is a personal effort. The blog reflects my personal views. I alone am responsible for the content.

Disclaimer 2:

  • I provide this general and basic information as a public service. My response to any question does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.
  • For additional information, advice, or specific concerns, please speak with your own physician.
  • The information provided is current as of the date of the entry, to the best of my knowledge.

The world is changing and the internet is a big part of all our lives. I like the opportunity to share information as a means of giving back to the community that supports me and my medical practice. To accomplish this goal, I provide information and thoughts in an impersonal fashion. The information is impersonal in that we have not established a professional relationship. I have not taken your personal history. I have not reviewed your medical records or previous tests. Without all that information and personal interaction, we are merely people talking to each other.

Disclaimer 3:

  • I have and will continue to provide personal opinion. I will document the source of my thoughts, where possible.
  • I do not intend for this blog to be an academic thesis. I do not intend to provide comprehensive and thorough references.

Aspiration and Hope:

  • I hope that this blog will provide useful personal insights and reflections from my professional career which now is greater than 30 years.
  • I hope that I can interact and educate my readers and patients.


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