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Semen Analysis & Acrosome Reaction Test

Semen Analysis (SA) The semen analysis fundamentally seeks to tell us 2 important facts: 1) do you have any sperm that are alive and 2) do the sperm have normal function? The basic analysis is great at the first task, indeed almost anyone with a microscope can determine if the sperm are alive. The answer [...]

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Limit COH/IUI to 1-2 Cycles in Women 38+ years old

The combination of COH (controlled ovarian hyperstimulation) and IUI has been a mainstay of infertility treatment for about 20-25 years. The idea is that if we cause multiple follicles to ovulate and place more sperm in the reproductive tract than would normally swim in on their own then we increase the efficiency of the cycle [...]

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    SHG Powerpoint Video Ultrasound

SHG Video

The SHG (Sonohysterogram, Saline Infusion Sonogram) is a valuable test for evaluating the endometrial cavity. Please refer to the main page for more details (Click Here). Here is the Powerpoint video, enjoy: Look this video slideshow to better appreciate the images that we are trying to achieve. The video is located on my account at [...]

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Endometrial Ultrasound Video

This blog post is primarily to allow tagging for look up later. Pages on the blog cannot be tagged. We use ultrasound to evaluate the implantation receptivity of the tissue. The measurements are actually quite crude since we are measuring: Thickness - normal = 8-12 mm Appearance - normal = multi-line or triple line pattern [...]

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CCT Video

Here is a Powerpoint video regarding the CCT (Clomid Challenge Test) and why we do it. Please see the page on the CCT for more details (click here). Quick reminder of details: Call us on the first day of normal menses We see you an menstrual cycle days 2-5 but preferably cycle days 2-3. Our [...]

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HSG Video

This post is simply to make it easier to find the HSG video page (Click Here). The HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) is an x-ray test performed to see the tubes. We schedule the test after menses and before ovulation We perform the test in radiology The test is great for the tubes but average for the uterus [...]

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Australia’s first IVF baby turns 30 and wants everyone to know that IVF-lings are normal

Australia's First IVF Baby Turns 30: she wants IVF to be taught as normal process in health education. She says that IVF-lings want to let everyone else know that they are normal people. Click her for the full story. This is a nice story from the perspective of an IVF conceived woman.

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Researchers develop AMH model to predict menopause with 3-4 months accuracy. Preliminary but interesting.

Iranian researchers studied the AMH level of 266 women, aged 20-49, and developed a statistical model to predict menopause. They presented this data at the ESHRE meeting in Rome. Click here for the press release. The authors acknowledge that they need more data to confirm their findings. Other experts suggest that AMH has not been [...]

Endometriosis Increases Risk of Preterm Birth with or without IVF

Research from the 2010 Annual European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). My comment is that this information adds to the data suggesting that often the condition causing infertility is what leads to poor outcomes rather than the treatment itself. So often infertility treatments take the fall for causing pregnancy complications when it may [...]

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Canada Seeks Legislation to Slash Multiple Birth Rate

This report comes from an invitation only meeting conducted in November 2009 and hosted by the federal agency, the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) and the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Canada. The agency has never reported on it publicly before. The debate highlights the dilemma faced by patients who desire a pregnancy [...]

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