Deep phenotyping to predict live birth outcomes in IVF

Deep phenotyping to predict live birth outcomes in IVF - the authors suggest that their mathematical model is 100x more accurate than using age to predict IVF outcomes. The authors took data from previous IVF cycles at Stanford and developed a model using complicated statistical tests. They tested the model on IVF cycles from a [...]

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Telomere Length Measures Embryo Health

Genetic technologies invade every aspect of medicine. Here we find another example of a technology that could significantly assist us in identifying the embryo that will make a baby. The authors suggest measuring telomere length may be a measure of embryo health. If so, then this test may be a very valuable tool to access [...]

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Australia’s first IVF baby turns 30 and wants everyone to know that IVF-lings are normal

Australia's First IVF Baby Turns 30: she wants IVF to be taught as normal process in health education. She says that IVF-lings want to let everyone else know that they are normal people. Click her for the full story. This is a nice story from the perspective of an IVF conceived woman.

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Endometriosis Increases Risk of Preterm Birth with or without IVF

Research from the 2010 Annual European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). My comment is that this information adds to the data suggesting that often the condition causing infertility is what leads to poor outcomes rather than the treatment itself. So often infertility treatments take the fall for causing pregnancy complications when it may [...]

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Canada Seeks Legislation to Slash Multiple Birth Rate

This report comes from an invitation only meeting conducted in November 2009 and hosted by the federal agency, the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) and the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Canada. The agency has never reported on it publicly before. The debate highlights the dilemma faced by patients who desire a pregnancy [...]

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Emergency IVF for Cancer Yields Similar Results as IVF for Infertility

The study compared the outcomes of emergency IVF for cancer to IVF for tubal factor infertility. They had 22 women in each group and the outcome measures were similar between the two groups. Also, the emergency IVF did not delay the cancer treatment much if any. Two of the cancer patents (9%) had no embryos [...]

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    ICSI IVF Illustration

ICSI Movie

ICSI is an incredibly important technique for male infertility treatment. It turns out that once the sperm is properly placed in the egg, the sperm and egg know what to do to transform into an embryo. The technique is powerful, because only a single sperm is necessary for each egg and the sperm does not [...]

Older IVF Moms: How old is too old?

I found several stories related to the same topic: women in their late 50's or early 60's who use assisted reproduction to have a child. Obviously, the use of ART for this purpose is controversial and I will certainly not solve that dilemma. Read the stories below and I have a survey for you to [...]

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RBM Online – AMH allows individualization of stimulation protocols in egg donors

The authors suggest that AMH testing is useful for individualization of stimulation protocols in oocyte donors to maximize egg yields and to prevent OHSS. This conclusion makes great sense to me. Our goal in all IVF cycles (infertile and egg donors alike) is to maximize the number of quality eggs retrieved without causing complications such [...]

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RBM Online – Real-time PCR method for rapid sexing of human preimplantation embryos

In this blinded prospective study, the authors showed that rapid and reliable real-time PCR-based gender identification of preimplantation human embryos using a single blastomere can be performed within about 4 h after biopsy. We often want more information than this study determined but there are situations where this technique would be useful. The most obvious [...]

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