Seattle Mom One of Nation’s First to Benefit From New Anti-Miscarriage Technology

One of our patients benefited from the use of PGD with array-CGH for recurrent pregnancy loss. We have been very pleased with the technology which now allows us to determine

The right not to know and preimplantation genetic diagnosis for Huntington’s disease — Journal of Medical Ethics

Huntington’s Disease is a debilitating fatal autosomal dominant disease that has its onset in mid-life after childbearing is usually complete. Thus, some people do not want to know if they

RBM Online – Real-time PCR method for rapid sexing of human preimplantation embryos

In this blinded prospective study, the authors showed that rapid and reliable real-time PCR-based gender identification of preimplantation human embryos using a single blastomere can be performed within about 4

PGD is Cost Effective for Cystic Fibrosis

This study demonstrates that it is cost effective to use IVF with PGD to prevent the birth of a child with cystic fibrosis (CF). The cost benefit evaluates the medical

PGD with Array-CGH Pregnancies

Our center participated to produce the results of this research presentation. The data were presented by Dr Munne at the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society on Friday April 16, 2010. The

PGD for Gender Selection in the USA

The authors review a large series of PGD procedures for gender selection. They did not find evidence of a particular preference for choosing one sex over another or for couples